Bee Swarm Season in Arizona

3 things to know during swarm season


The weather is warm, and spring is in the air.  This is a very busy season for our bee friends.  After the cooler winter, our beehives have become overcrowded. The queen’s daughter will become the new ruler and will remain behind with the rest of the colony. Their cycle will continue.  The old queen bee and her scouts take to the sky with one-third of the hive to begin a new journey.  When we see a swarm of bees moving along it can be scary, but please don’t be alarmed, something amazing is going to happen! When scouts find a new home, they start dancing. That’s right, bees dance to communicate with one another. Their dance communicates information about direction, distance, and quality of a resource such as food or nesting sites. Also, scouts may be inviting other bees to join them. They dance when they find a suitable home for their queen. Other scouts decode the dances and visit the sites themselves.

What to remember


  1. The swarm is VERY docile.  But be cautious! The bees only concern is their queen, and getting her to the new location safely.   If the swarm has stopped for a bit, they are letting their queen rest.  They will most likely be gone within 24 hours.
  2. Even though the swarm is docile, DO NOT approach it.  Do NOT spray it with water or chemicals.  Leave it alone!!
  3. If the swarm has settled in an undesirable location, such as a school, or park, or anywhere where it can be disrupted, please give us a call.  Swarms have the highest chance of successful relocation, and we can find them a safe place to continue flourishing in our ecosystem.

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