Morrison Ranch Arbor Day – Gilbert, AZ

Morrison Ranch Arbor Day

“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.”

—J. Sterling Morton


This last weekend Luckey Bee was fortunate enough to attend an Arbor Day Festival in the beautiful neighborhood of Morrison Ranch.  My youngest daughter Justine was my helper, and off we went first thing Saturday morning to set up.  We had a booth right next to the neighborhood lake and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I was not familiar with Arbor Day, or how it was celebrated.  Apparently, Arbor Day is a day where individuals or groups put aside to plant a tree, or to learn the care of trees.  Arbor Day originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska on April 10, 1872. On that first Arbor Day there were approximately 1 million trees planted. J. Sterling Morton, who served as President Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of Agriculture, was the founder of Arbor Day. This holiday is fast gaining popularity in different countries, and celebrated in the spring, depending on climate.

Morrison Ranch threw quite the festival and gave Luckey Bee the opportunity to share with the residents the important part bees play in pollination, and the overall health of our ecosystem.  I was so impressed with how many children were aware that bees are our friends, and need our help right now.  

Luckey Bee hopes to participate again next year, and we appreciate having the opportunity to celebrate Arbor Day with Morrison Ranch! March and April are great months to plant citrus and most other trees as soil temperatures have warmed up and root activity increases.

Interesting Facts

Arbor means tree in Latin

Palo Verde is the Arizona State Tree

Arbor Day was almost named Sylvan Day. Arbor Day was chosen because arbor represented forest and fruit trees while sylvan only represented forest trees

Planting trees is not the only way to celebrate Arbor Day. Some people make donations to help save the rainforest. Some people help to educate others on the importance of trees. Participating in a recycling program is also another way to celebrate trees and the important role they play in our lives

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