Spring Has Sprung – Gilbert, AZ

Spring Has Sprung
Things have been very busy here on the farm. I took a short break from blogging to keep up with everything that’s going on.  It is so funny to think that just a short while ago, nothing in my life needed to be milked, have hooves trimmed, or required regular veterinary visits. Our lives have certainly changed. So what’s all the hubbub; what’s new at Luckey Bee? We have eight new baby Nubian goats!

To our astonishment, each of our three momma goats snuck in an extra baby.  For six weeks, we waited anxiously for the arrival of the offspring. Two of our goats had their babies quickly.  Daisy’s babies came four weeks earlier than the others did.  A boy and a girl, both of them beauties. Lily, the queen of the herd, was second to give birth. We were excited to find three lovely little girls and a handsome boy waiting for us.  Lily is a veteran at bearing young, but we were taken by surprise when she had so many.  Daffodil was the last to deliver. First came a sweet baby boy. Then she was in distress, and we had to jump in and help her. Sadly, baby two was lost to us. After the difficulty, Daffodil successfully gave birth to another fetching fellow. I think witnessing a birth of any kind is truly an honor.  It was frightening and exciting all at once.  It filled my heart with joy to see Daffodil’s immediate connection with her young.

There’s nothing like going outside to water and feed and find those cute, inquisitive faces watching every move I make. There is a multitude of new skills for each of the youngsters to try out. They are in different stages of development. Plenty of bouncing and baa-ing and running about as they learn how to be goats. Heartwarming and amusing all at the same time.  Ellie, our dog, likes to get in on the action too, playing in her own Great Pyrenees way, chasing and being chased by the herd. Still a pup herself (although an enormous one) she has tons of fun with her new friends.

The new arrivals on the farm are a great source of happiness for all of us.  Loved ones come from near and far to get in on all the fun too. These babies are in no shortage of getting attention. They run around full of mischief and love to play. Leaping and curious about everything, still it won’t be long before one comes to sit on your lap and fall dreamily to sleep.  I never imagined being the owner of so many goats, but now I cannot imagine my life without them.

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung – Gilbert, AZ

  1. Avatar Marjorie Lawrence says:

    Awe so sweet. Love me some goats!

  2. Avatar Syrena Maher says:

    Love the love.

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