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Finally with the weather is cooling down and we have had time to be outside and enjoy the animals more.  During the summer months there is a lot of work to keep the animals at Luckey Bee Farms healthy and hydrated.  Now there is still a lot of work but it is much more pleasant.


Recently we have had two new animals join the farm Edgar and Kevin.  Edgar and Kevin are 5 year-old emu brothers that needed to be re-homed.  My dear friend and husband surprised me one Saturday afternoon with their arrival.   They are such amazing birds, and are a great addition to the farm for protection.

lbf-animals_0004 lbf-animals_0019 lbf-animals_0020 lbf-animals_0022 lbf-animals_0028 lbf-animals_0030


The rest of the livestock has been very intrigued with their arrival, especially our rooster.  He feels the need to exert dominance just in case the emus don’t know he is the big guy on campus around here.  But truth be known, it is really our sweet old horse Luckey who is the one in charge in these parts.  She keeps everyone behaving and makes sure no one gets picked on around here.

lbf-animals_0034 lbf-animals_0036 lbf-animals_0038 lbf-animals_0052 lbf-animals_0031


We are all happy to see the arrival of beautiful weather around here so that we can have the time to sit and enjoy all of our amazing creatures we are lucky enough to share our lives with.  What started with the 1 hive has grown into something truly special.

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