Honey Sweetened Yogurt

Honey Sweetened Yogurt


Our neighbors have been gracious enough to share their goats milk with our family.  I remember drinking it as a child and HATING it.  I have not touched it since, and honestly would have been content never to touch the stuff again.  I had a change of heart after watching my youngest daughter try it and love it.  I could not believe how wonderful and fresh it tasted.  It was so velvety and delicious, and I was hooked.


Having been a lucky recipient of a gallon of goats milk made me look to some different ways to use it.  I decided to make some yogurt and sweeten it with my honey.  Making yogurt is surprisingly easy and tastes 100 times better than anything you can find in the store.


This is the standard recipe I have used many times before.  There are many great recipes and directions on the internet.  I was lucky enough to receive some delicious apricots during our visit that was the perfect topping to my yogurt.



Luckey Bee_Yogurt Luckey Bee_yogurt Luckey Bee_yogurt

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