The Benefits of Lavender

The Benefits of Lavender

When we started developing the mission of Luckey Bee, we had to look at our current company (Stormin’ Norman Pest Control) in a different light.  We of course were changing the way our business provides bee service, from extermination to rescue/relocation, and that can make a big impact.  Through this one change we began to see some other choices we can make as well, that can have a small but important role in the bee solution.  One way we can all help is by providing flowering plants for our bee friends to eat.

We began to plant lavender around our home.  The bees love the lavender, and will come do us a big favor by pollinating it for us, and helping the bushes grow and flourish.  Lavender not only smells amazing, it can be used for other purposes.  One of the greatest benefits is it is a natural deterrent for scorpions.  We live in an area that is known for having a lot of scorpions.  We plant the lavender around the perimeter of our house to help feed our beloved bees and help keep the scorpions away from our house. Sometimes you can rescue and deter with the same plant, what a win/win!

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