S and J Farms – Our BEE Keeping Neighbors


Our bee keeper neighbors – S and J Farms


We live in an unusual situation here on Luckey Bee Farms.  We live on acreage that allows for livestock right here in the middle of the city.  I have chickens, a horse, a pig, and goats running around along with our bees. However, if you look across the street it is typical suburbia.  It feels surreal to be caught between the two worlds.


We love it here, and have met amazing people who have taught us so much.  They share the love and excitement of living a little differently, and being connected to their land in a different way than in the city.


We have a wonderful friendship with our neighbors behind us.  They have recently moved and expanding into the world of urban farming.  We love to visit them and see all the new additions to their farm.  There is always a new fun animal to play with, and something exciting is always happening.  What we love the most is they also keep hives on their property.  We help each other harvest honey, and enjoy the fun and friendship we share as a result of our shared interest.

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