Happy Thanksgiving from Luckey Bee Farms

by Sy Maher

We are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving!
Since we moved to this location we have no gobblers of our own. We will be looking for turkeys at the grocery stores this year for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Above is a picture of Luckey. She is wearing her new bonnet that our daughter picked out for her.

Ernie tending some rescued bees.


Our animals are thriving and the emus are the talk of the neighborhood. Most people don’t know what an emu is. People often stop to gaze at them. The emus like the attention and crane their necks in funny positions and stare right back at the on-lookers. 

Emus are soft-feathered, brown, flightless birds with long necks and legs. We have two, Edgar and Kevin


There is plenty to nibble on besides the animal’s regular feeding. As you can see our pals hang out together much of the time.

The girls and others munching some yummies

It’s as busy as ever here at Luckey Bee. We love the new location. The animals have plenty of room to gallivant about. 

Geronimo had a birthday not long ago and has begun to grow a tusk.

This years dinner will include everyone’s favorite dish and all the trimmings. It will be delightful to see relatives and friends and enjoy our time together.

We at Luckey Bee would like to extend our Warmest Wishes and Hopes that all of you will have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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