Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation in Gilbert, Arizona

luckey-bee-rescueErnie “the bee man” had a rescue in Gilbert.  At first glance this mulberry tree had one hive in the knot to the right (where Ernie is standing).  But once we got up there we discovered there were two separate hives.  One in the hollow of a knot on the other side.luckey-bee-rescue-1 We focused on the hive that was visible (the one on the right).luckey-bee-rescue-2There were so many bees on the outside of the comb.
luckey-bee-rescue-3 luckey-bee-rescue-4 luckey-bee-rescue-5 luckey-bee-rescue-6 Ernie inspecting the hive, getting his plan of action.luckey-bee-rescue-7 luckey-bee-rescue-8 luckey-bee-rescue-9 luckey-bee-rescue-10 luckey-bee-rescue-11 luckey-bee-rescue-12 After smoking the hive a little the bees retreated into the hive.  Check out that comb!luckey-bee-rescue-13 luckey-bee-rescue-14 luckey-bee-rescue-15 luckey-bee-rescue-16 Ernie cut out sections of the comb and we put them into the frames for the hive box.luckey-bee-rescue-17 luckey-bee-rescue-18 luckey-bee-rescue-19 Ready to be relocated!luckey-bee-rescue-20


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