Bee Video and Bees and wax moths – Gilbert, AZ

On one of our hive checks we were so lucky to be able to watch these sweet baby bees coming out of their comb.  This was rescued comb from one of our relocations.

Luckey Bee The bees had built their comb to the top of the hive box, so when we opened it up the comb broke a little.  Check out those cells filled with honey!Luckey Bee Sadly one of our hives got WAX MOTHS!!!  Man these little critters are terribly gross and just reak havoc on the hive. Wax MothsCan you spot the queen cells?  They are angled down and are much larger cells than a regular worker bee.
Luckey Bee Capped brood and nurse bees working hard cleaning out the open cells.Luckey Bee Luckey Bee Luckey Bee Luckey Bee

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