Artisans in the Pines Craft fair in Prescott,AZ


Luckey Bee Farms makes our debut in Prescott


Michelle and I were fortunate enough to spend a recent weekend in Prescott debuting our product line at the Artisans in the Pines craft show.  After a long, brutally hot summer, it was a relief to get away and enjoy some beautiful weather, and have a chance to share our story.


What struck me most about this experience is that we found so many people interested in the plight of our bee friends.  We always had a crowd gathered around our table asking questions, and listening intently to our story.  It was very uplifting to know how many people are aware, and care about the bees, and the danger that they are facing.  When we start from a place of compassion, and commitment, we can all work together to make things better.


We are so grateful for all the purchases at the fair.  We have introduced these products as a platform to share our story, but, to share that we are offering a very real, and powerful alternative to extermination of the bees.  All of the monies will be invested back into Luckey Bee Farms to help us house, and care for the bees we have taken into our care.

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