Beekeeping on Luckey Bee Farms

Hive Checks for beekeeping!  We try to check the hives regularly to make sure all the girls are doing ok.  Here is another reason, these girls were so busy they started building comb onto the top of the hive box.  Amazing what they can do in a short amount of time.913 984 982This hive was full to the brim.  Ernie relocated this hive and they are thriving here on the farm.978 976 973 971 965 963

Was trying to get a picture showing how they hang on to each other.  We inspect each one of the frames and sometimes they hang onto each other.958 952

Here you can see where the original comb from the removal is.  Ernie had put sections in this frame and rubber banded them in.  The girls have been hard at work and have connected the comb to the frame, no more rubber bands needed.946 945 943 941
Up-close shot of the larvae in each cell.939 This hive has grown since Ernie brought it back to the farm.  931 927 922 These are more pictures of the top of the box, we had to cut this away and put the comb into a new frame.  920 914 991 Here is another hive, you can see the queen with the white dot on its back.  992 Here is another close up of her.997 999 1007 1005 1010 1009

We have been pretty lucky here at Luckey Bee Farms.  The rescued bees are thriving and making honey, we are hoping to harvest some honey soon!

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