Luckey Bee Hive Removal in Gilbert – Part III

PART 3 – OH MY!!!

So what we thought was a swarm of bees was actually a huge hive under a shelf in a shed.  Here you can see Ernie holding up a piece of the hive that he has put into a frame to go into the hive box.

766 767 778

The last pieces were full of honey.782 789 791

Check out those cells full of honey.  These girls have been hard at work!

Pure RAW Honey!


It’s a STICKY business but someone’s got to do it!!!  HiveRelocation_0176HiveRelocation_0181

Once all the hive was taken from the shed and put into frames, they went into this hive box.


After all the frames were put in, Ernie brushed as many of the bees into the box.  HiveRelocation_0203HiveRelocation_0209

Every relocation is different and amazing in their own way.  Thanks for checking out all our pictures!


Remember to GIVE BEES A CHANCE!!!!  We need them!

If you missed PART I or PART II click on the link

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