Luckey Bee Products – Lunch Bunch

Luckey Bee Products – Lunch Bunch



The honey is only one of the lucky benefits of bee rescue.  We also benefit from bees wax from hive rescues and the hives on our farm.  I have really enjoyed learning to use the beeswax and honey for various natural beauty products.  The final product always works great and smells amazing.  I love using beauty products with less than 5 ingredients.


Everyone around me is gifted with various products.  My most popular is lip balm.  I had given a couple to my cousin when she and her kids had come to visit.  When she came over again recently she had said the women she worked with loved the lip balm and were hoping they could buy some.  I was so flattered and really excited about this idea.


Michelle and I were invited to the office on a lunch hour to sell some of the various Luckey Bee products.  We were so overwhelmed by the excitement these woman had about our products.  We were asked many questions about our business and how we are able to save the bees from extermination.  The money used to purchase our products is directly deposited into Luckey Bee Farms to help us pay for housing and care of our bees.  This is something we can all benefit from, especially our bee friends!

Luckey Bee Lunch Bunch Luckey Bee Lunch Bunch Luckey Bee Lunch Bunch Luckey Bee Lunch Bunch

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