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Bee Ornaments

The girls wanted to help make some fun FELT bee ornaments.  After school one day Jussie and Abby sat down and made some super cute Bees! (while the boys played video games in the back – ha ha ha)Girls working on bee ornaments Girls cutting out bee ornaments

We first made a pattern, traced it onto felt and then cute the felt out.  Then the girls made some stripes and sewed them on.

Someone is ready for the holidays and making a Bee Tree All smiles, having fun making bee ornaments Aren’t they the cutest!

This thread is pretty long, but we are buzzing along. Bee ornaments in the making Bee ornamentsMaking felt bee ornaments Next we added eyes, wings, antennae, and a stinger.They are looking more and more like bees Bees almost done Felt bee ornaments Girls making bee ornaments Wow!  Look at that bee ornament!  So cuteTa-dah!  Aren’t they so creative!
Bee ornaments named and ready for the tree

Here is another ornament we made for the Bee Tree – Rustic Bee Hive OrnamentsRecycled bee hive ornaments

Abby and I made these cute little bee hive ornaments from egg cartons and jute twine, and of course a lot of glue.Jute bee hive ornament made out of egg carton

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