Recycled Bee Ornaments

Recycled Bee Ornaments

So I must admit I stalk several blogs. Well, back in October/November, I started seeing posts showing off their dream Christmas trees.  They were amazing.  So I thought why not make a bee inspired Christmas tree.  Off we went planning and finding ideas for our Bee Christmas Tree.

Our first idea was to make a Recycled bee ornament, out of dead light bulbs.  We first painted them.Recycled Bee ornaments Carefully painting a burnt out light bulb

It was a little tricky painting and drying, but it was fun.Painting the yellow strips on the bee ornament. Luckey Bee Ornaments

After they were all dried we adorned them with wings, eyes and antennas.

Recycled Ornaments

There were the big drone bees…. buzzzzzzz
Recycled Bee Ornaments

Little worker bees bzzzzzzzz (made out of night light bulbs)Burnt out night light bulbs Luckey Bee Recycled Bee ornaments Luckey Bee Ornaments
And then there was a QUEEN bee – adorned with her own crown.Recycled Bee ornaments Queen Bee

All the little bees together…  This was a fun project!  All the bees hanging out.

More BEE Christmas tree projects coming soon!

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