Luckey Bee Mercantile – What sort of love and work goes into each piece

What sort of love and work goes into each piece


Painting and making something old look new and beautiful creates so much excitement in me.  When I am out and about looking for new treasures to create I can see so much potential in a piece, big or small.  It is exciting to bring it home and have a day where I can make it into something completely different. The idea of someone loving what I make enough to bring it into their home thrills me to no end. It is such an honor.


When these pieces come home with me the first step is to clean it!!  No matter what it gets a serious bleaching!! It also gets a degreaser and all over sanding if I am able.  I know there is a lot of products around that eliminate the prep work. I find satisfaction in the prep work.  It is not nearly as fun, but it is essential for the final piece to be as beautiful as possible. A custom and unique piece is not perfect, that is what factories are for.  However, I like to think I did everything possible to make it last and durable. Nobody likes to get something home just to have it fall apart.


Once the piece is prepped and ready I don’t always start.  I have to see where the piece needs, or what would be fun or interesting with the lines of the piece. I like to see the colors come through and layer the glaze with different colors.  This piece will be unique and special. I love to think that I leave part of my creativity and joy in it to bring into your home. Good mojo is good for us all!


Every piece will have a topcoat of some sort. There are many products that say no top coated needed, and I am sure that is true.  I just like the extra protection before it leaves from our show. It must be the mom in me.


When I paint or create something old into new, there has been a lot of time, preparation, love, and attention.  Each piece is unique and has its own personality. We take great care to use many different resources to create something special for you to enjoy.  I can’t express how amazing it feels to have a customer express their love of something created and choose to take it home with them. It truly is the greatest feeling in the world.


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