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Hello all!  It has been a long and difficult journey since the last time I sat down to share with you.  Luckey Bee Farms has been through a huge transformation. I have also been through a long and crazy journey.  I have tried so many times to sit down and share what has been going on, but, I have felt so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, and have started about 1000 blog post without finishing any of them.


Today I have decided to just start where I am at today, which honestly is a pretty exciting place.  To catch you up on a few of the big events that have transpired since last time I wrote, here are the top three.


In July of 2017 my family moved into our very own place, with our very own small parcel of irrigated land.  This was a huge win for us after many years of moving, and redirection, finally we came home for good. We moved to a more rural community, that is quickly becoming a city.  However, in our little space we have a safe place for our family and livestock. We still have space for our beautiful bees to make a stop here. We consider ourselves a host family to the bees, which can stay with us until we are able to move them to a safe location so that they can return to the ecosystem.  This is still the foundation of who we are and what we do. Our new location added some obstacles to keeping the bees, but, that is okay because we are able to still save as many bees as possible.


Beginning in 2017 I began to lose my energy and creative drive.  We were in the middle of a difficult move and transition at the time, and I attributed my low energy to stress.  Unfortunately, I allowed that to go too long, and in December of 2017 I found out I had cancer. This was a big shock to me, and to my family, but in many ways I was relieved to know what was wrong.  In 2018 I was able to have a successful surgery, and with all the love and support of my friends and family I was able to recover and find my old self. This was terrifying, but also a time of significant personal growth for me, as I decided I would no longer put my big dreams on hold.  I am pleased to say I am in recovery and feeling like a completely new person.


The most difficult part of 2018 was in August when I lost my Grandma.  Thankfully, I was able to make it to Colorado in time to be with her when she left this world.  She was 97, so this was not a big shock, but, I underestimated what a toll losing her would take on me. I loved her so much, and she has always been such a constant in my life.  After she was gone I came home feeling really lost and unsure of where this left me.


I wrestled around with what was to become of my dream of Luckey Bee Farms.  In so many ways I feel like I had lost the momentum, but I also felt it was the strongest link I had to my Grandma.  In a big leap of faith I decided that Luckey Bee would remain a rescue, and a source of my love and creativity. I know that if I am creating things for others to use and enjoy, and I am pouring my love and creativity into it, and providing an income for my family that this truly is the greatest way I can honor my Grandma.


So here is to the future of Luckey Bee Farms!  Here is to my sweet Grandma and all the love and support she poured into me. Thank you for taking this adventure with me.

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