ASU BEE LAB TOUR (Mesa, Arizona)

We had a fabulous opportunity to take a tour of ASU Bee Lab.   We were so lucky to have Dr. Osman Kaftanoglu, the project manager of ASU Honey bee Lab, show us around the bee lab.  He was full of information about bees and beekeeping.  After he graciously answered our questions we got to go on a tour.


This observation hive was amazing.  I want one in my house.  I could have sat and watched them all day.


Finally found the queen. Yay!

Getting suited up to see the bees.

There were I think 100 bee boxes on the premises.  And they are all so nice!!!

Along with tons of experiments and research projects, they were also testing these new bee boxes.

This is their watering station for all the bees.


It was a fantastic tour.

ASU Continuing Education Beekeeping

Here is a link for ASU Beekeeping course.  Check it out!

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