A New Home for Luckey Bee

by Sy Maher


They’re moving! Amy, Ernie, and the kids found a new residence. It’s got plenty of room to call home sweet home, and it’s a great place to expand Luckey Bee Farms. Like a swarm of bees searching for a new place to make a hive, they looked everywhere to find what worked for them. Finally, the perfect place became available in San Tan Valley, AZ. They’re busy packing. Their hearts are filled with excitement anticipating this new chapter of their lives.

Close to San Tan Mountains Regional Park where there are over 10,000 acres of desert with hiking/biking trails, wildlife exhibits, and a visitor’s center. Fun activities for the whole family to engage in. The new home is close to Schnepf Farms as well. The bees will have plenty of growing things to pollinate. Yum, honey.

They will live moments away from family. The kids will be going to school with their cousins. How cool is that? Closeness with family means so much to the Henson tribe. Knowing that they will all be there for each other is a dream come true. The kids adore each other. Soon everyone will be enjoying the benefits of cookouts and get-togethers. Amy spent much time at her grandparent’s farm and hopes the same benefits will touch another generation.

Of course, there will be plenty to do at the new farm. Habitats for the animals need building, and a special place set aside for the rescued honeybees is crucial.  Luckey their horse (an animal rescued by the Henson’s from starvation) must have a nice place live and a coral to run. Geronimo, the pot-belly pig, needs a wallow. The emus have lots of room to run about.

The Henson’s are excited to show their friends and patrons all the new happenings as Luckey Bee Farms takes root and develops.

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  1. Avatar Tina says:

    Enjoyed reading the article. So happy for them.

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