Looking Forward

Looking Forward


As Luckey Bee continues our journey forward, we as a business are continually learning and growing.  We have always felt if we follow this path with focus and passion, we would find our way to where we want to bee.    The land that we now share without bees has become home to many other sweet creatures.  We started out learning to be beekeepers, and now find ourselves becoming farmers.  Had you suggested this a year ago, I would have laughed.  Now looking forward, I realize, this is who I was always meant to be.

Now that we have a small farm, we have a whole new avenue of products to sell to help house our bee friends.  All of the profits made from the sales of our products will be reinvested back into Luckey Bee for the care and upkeep of the bees.  This is a just another way to bee part of the solution.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak of all of the new products.  We are very excited about what the future holds, and where the bees may take us!!

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