Where do the bees go? and Luckey Bee Hive Check

Where do rescued bees go?

Once the bees have been removed and rescued from a property, they are brought back to Luckey Bee Farms.  Part of the relocation process is putting them into a hive box.  Here are some happy and healthy rescued bees.  You can see the cells that aren’t capped have larvae in them.

Luckey Bee Hive Check

We try and check the hives regularly. Why? There are lots of reasons but mainly to make sure the bees are doing ok.
Luckey Bee Hive Check Luckey Bee Hive Check Luckey Bee Hive Check

Another thing we check for is the Queen.  It is very difficult to find her, she is sneaky.
Luckey Bee Hive Check

More on relocation and rescuing bees one hive at a time.

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