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Benefiting your neighbors with bees


When we decided to move, we had no idea where the expansion of our business and the addition of bees would take us.  It is almost a daily conversation at our home that we look at each other and say “Did you ever think we would be here a year ago?”  The bees took us to a larger property and a completely different life, and I am happy to say there is no going back.


Neighbors on both sides of us have many flowering bushes and trees.  The fence between us and one neighbor is covered in vine.  The bees spend their days happily pollinating the vegetation around us.  Our neighbor often exclaims he can’t believe how big his grapefruits and oranges are this year.  He has lived there many years, and has never seen the fruit so healthy.


The bushes, vines, and gardens around us are flourishing.  The sweet smell of honey suckles and orange blossoms fill the air.  Our friends, the bees, have made our little plot of land a gorgeous masterpiece and feast for our senses that all of us that live on this little county island benefit from.

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