Teacher Appreciation and HONEY

Teacher Appreciation Week 2016 is May 2nd to the 6th!

Luckeybee_Teacher appreciation

This year we have created many products from the honey and beeswax we collect during the rescues.  We have made lip balm, soaps, scrubs, lotions, and plain ol’ honey.  It has been so fun to see how people enjoy the products we have made and they are very curious about the story of Luckey Bee.   It has been an exciting way to share our story.

As teacher appreciation day approaches, Michelle and I put our heads together to create this honey pot for the teachers.  Michelle has designed and put together a really beautiful gift.  The honey is from a big rescue we did earlier this month and it is so delicious! I think they will be a great way to say thank you.

We are getting ready to start selling some of our Luckey Bee products.   When you purchase our products all the money goes back into Luckey Bee and helps us support our bee friends when they come to live on our farm.

If you are interested in the Luckey Bee jar of honey please let us know.  We are selling them for $10 plus shipping.  If you are interested please email us at luckeybeefarms@gmail.com.

Thank you to all the teachers in our lives!!

Luckeybee_Teacher Appreciation Luckeybee_Teacher Appreciation Luckeybee_Teacher Appreciation

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