Luckey Bee Craft

Luckey Bee Craft

A fun afternoon of crafts with cousins and friends.  With lots of giggles and laughs we made a very cute bee craft.  We found the idea on  Pinterest and found some more examples here.


We rummaged thru the garage and found some old golf balls.  And found some black, yellow, and white paint in the craft bin.  Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0006 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0009

What a beautiful day to sit outside and do crafts.  It proved a little difficult to paint the golf ball without getting completely covered in paint.  But it was fun!Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0011 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0013

First we painted the golf ball with yellow paint and after it dried we painted the face and lines in black.
Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0016 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0019 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0022

After all the paint dried we painted eyes on.  We also used googly eyes.


How cute is this smiling bee!
Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0038 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0041 Luckeybeegolfballgarden_0048

Didn’t they turn out so cute!?!  They will look great in our Luckey Bee Garden!

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