Bee Baskets – Honey and Beeswax products

Luckey Bee Baskets with Honey and Beeswax Products

Over the holidays our creative team worked together to create holiday gift baskets for teacher gifts and for our family members.  We were able to find baskets on line, and used shredded paper as a filler.  Michelle designed the simple look of the gift baskets.  They came together pretty easily, and were a big hit.  It is something everyone can use, as well as having the handmade touch.

Luckey Bee - Bee Baskets - Honey and Beeswax productsFun baskets we used for the Bee Baskets

Bee Baskets included Oatmeal Honey Sugar Scrub, Honey Lotion Bars, Honey, Honey Soap and Honey Lip Balm Bee Baskets - Honey and Beeswax products
Teacher Gifts - Honey and Beeswax Products Luckey Bee Bee Baskets

2 thoughts on “Bee Baskets – Honey and Beeswax products

  1. Avatar Melissa Adkins says:

    These bee baskets are awesome

  2. Avatar Elizabeth Toone says:

    Great gift idea!

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