The One About Honey by Lori

The One About Honey

by Lori

I love honey!  I love the range of golden shades and subtle flavors created when my tiny apian friends explore assorted local flora.  I love the idea that they are flower fairies, spreading life as they ensure the reproduction of both wild and domesticated gardens.


It wasn’t until I tasted real honey that I came to appreciate the gift that it is.  As a child we had the ubiquitous honey bear for the rare need in an odd recipe or guest who may prefer it to sweeten their tea.  When I read articles about archeologists finding honey in Egyptian tombs, I couldn’t imagine they also had honey bears?  Did everyone have honey bears?  819A5649_0422web

As an adult, I began learning more about nutrition.  In an age of artificial sweeteners, and copious amounts of processed white sugar, the prospect of finding a sweet treat without risking one’s health seemed highly unlikely… until I sampled real honey from my local farmers market.  These were folks who knew what they were talking about.  They could tell me where each flavor originated, and how it had been processed.  Move over honey bear, there’s a new sweet in town!  With a little more research, I was completely sold!  Honey never spoils (ask the Eqyptians),  it’s good for one’s health (honey and lemon tea , honey cough drops , herbal cough drops ,  weight loss), it’s good for one’s beauty (honey face mask ), and it’s delicious!  Here are some of my favorite honey applications in the kitchen. ( , and this cake, while not made with honey, I drizzle the top with honey when serving yogurt )  *It is important to remember NOT to share honey with children under one year old.  (honey not for children under 1)

More to come on these honey topics and many more, but for today, this is just a small taste 😉


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    Informative and nicely written.

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