Pinterest Pin Friday – Knitting and Crocheting Bee Stuff


OH My Goodness… how sweet is this!  And the little wings on the side! Etsy  link.



How cute is this little knitted bee?  Here is a treasure trove of bee and bee related knitting projects.



Crocheted play kitchen items, so cute.  Here is the site with directions and lots more play kitchen items to crochet.




Sweet little Bazzil  from Amy’s Odyssey Here.  The little smile just makes my day.



Crocheted baby rattles in the shape of a bee, so cute.  Here is the pattern and lots of other site bugs made into rattles.


Wish I was talented enough to make some of these items, they are all so cute!  Happy Pinning!

Pictures can say a thousand words.. so I don’t have to

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