Our Story


Our family have been small business owners of Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest control for almost 13 years now.  Over the years we have adjusted our values, and business practices, to reflect the information we have acquired regarding climate change, and safe practices.  We believe that when we are careful with our own practices, that we are protecting our customers and the community as a whole.


A service we have offered with our pest control business, is bee control.  Here in Arizona, the bees are africanized, and therefore very dangerous.  When the bees set up a hive, they become very aggressive, and are dangerous to people and to pets.  We have had to exterminate the bees, in order to keep our customers safe.  We are well aware of the bee problem, but we also know the consequences if the bees are not dealt with in a swift manner.


Recently Ernie (President of Stormin’ Norman, and my husband), had come across some information about how the hive can be removed, the queen replaced to breed out aggression, and the hive can then be relocated.  We spent the next several months researching, and experimenting with this idea.  We found that this method, although much more labor intensive, is a very viable solution.  Although not every hive can be saved, we have found that we can approach the problem a different way, and have a better solution for our customer, and the bees.  This is how Luckey Bee was born.
We are excited to begin this journey as a business, and with our customers.  We can all bee part of the solution.