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Mason bees are named for the masonry-like materials they use. Some burrow out small holes in wood already weakened by wood-boring insects, while others like to use cracks in brick walls. Almost any dark pre-made residence will do,

West Coast Seeds

Mason bees just like any other creatures need water.  Fill any shallow receptacle like the one shown below. Place rocks inside, pebbles or marbles. The bees can land on them safely and not drown. Change the water frequently so as not to encourage mosquito growth.

As mentioned above, Mason bees like to find a pre existing home. You can make or purchase these dwellings that will draw the bee into your garden. Mason bees pollinate three times more per day than honey bees. In the bee motel shown above, you’re apt to get a few Mason bees sharing a home.


Bee Friendly and Support Your Local Mason Bee Population


Another beautiful design for hosting! Just look at the combination of planter and bee motel.

This is what the Mason bee egg cells look like from the inside.


Free People Blog

There are so many interesting designs to choose from.


New House New Home Blog

Repurposed objects are right up the Mason bees alley.

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