Create a Slogan for a Mason Bee Contest

In celebration and recognition of our native-born bees, Luckey Bee is having a slogan contest. Everyone knows Save the Bees—or Save All the Bees (the latter which I coined recently, but my slogan falls short of an exciting and motivational catchphrase).
See what I mean? We all need a catch-phrase to help people know we need to save other bees!

May be mistaken for a housefly

May be mistaken for a common housefly

The contest: Create a slogan for the mason bee, as the winner, your name will go down in Luckey Bee history as the creator of the slogan and you will receive a t-shirt with that slogan on it along with your name forever linked to it on the t-shirt.  Plus win three more t-shirts with a different bee/slogan design.

Submit your slogan in the comments section of this Blogpost  

Mason bees are named for the masonry-like materials they use. Some burrow out small holes in wood already weakened by wood-boring insects, while others like to use cracks in brick walls. Almost any dark pre-made residence will do, even an abandoned rodents den.

This video runs 7:48,  but in this day and age, it might be asking too much for you to sit through. Here it is for those who can manage. It may also contain hints to deciding a slogan.


Facts about Mason bees

  • Mason bees emerge early in the spring when temperatures are a mere 55% Fahrenheit
  • Mason bees do not produce wax or honey
  • Mason bees pollinate blueberry, strawberry, currant, and gooseberry
  • Mason bees are homebodies and fly in a radius of only 300 feet, which make them super-efficient pollinators of fruit trees and much easier to keep. Six Mason bees will pollinate one fruit tree, compared to 10,000 honeybees. They pollinate Apricot, peaches, plums, cherries, apple, and pear, even the ornamental varieties of these trees.
  • Female mason bee will pollinate an average of 75 flowers per foraging trip and visit 1,600 to 2,400 blossoms daily
  • Mason bees do not make their own nests but only use holes found in nature or provided by man
  • Mason bees look like a blue housefly. Listen, and you will be able to recognize the hmm of a fly or the buzz of the bee
  • The only time a mason bee will sting is if she is in in imminent danger and her sting is no worse than a mosquito bite
  • Mason bees are an excellent biology project for students
  • Watching Mason bees provide hours of enjoyment 

6 thoughts on “Create a Slogan for a Mason Bee Contest

  1. Avatar Tracy strehl says:

    without all bees , we will be history!

  2. Avatar Laurie Shifflett says:

    “Cutest and Happiest little bee I ever did see.
    Gotta Love that Mason Bee That’s Living near to me.”

    “Let’s build ‘Em a Home, for they Never do Roam
    Our Mason Bees are never far from Home”

    “Oh Give Us a Home,
    For we dont like to roam”
    We like living near to You!

    Mason bees are quite sweet and really so neat
    keep us close and you will see the Magic of the Mason bee”

  3. Avatar Morgan says:

    Bee the Difference

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