Earth Day 2017

Hello and Happy Earth Day!!

If you are new to our blog because you found a seed bomb packet, welcome!!  You can use the seed packet to help save the bees.  One of the many problems bees face today is lack of food.  There are many flower seeds in each seed bomb that you can use to help our favorite pollinators have a snack.

1st step

Open the package of bombs

2nd step

throw the bomb somewhere fun!! A field! A park! Your yard! Your school! Be creative!

3rd step

Please take a moment to post on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let us know where you found your seed bomb package and where you planted your seed bomb.  We would LOVE to hear your story.

4th step

Feel good that you did your part today to help save the bees!

Happy Earth Day and love your Mother Earth!

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