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The store has opened on Luckey Bee!!  Hooray!  Hooray!!  The store is the embodiment of so many things for me personally.


I have always loved to make things for others.  Since I was a small child, I have felt the need to create.  It has been a fire inside me that I have wrestled with all my life.  For some reason, at different points in my life, I have found creating, or arts, a “time waster” or something that “won’t produce anything of value.”  The times in my life that I have moved away from the  part of me who loves to create, have been the times I have had a difficult time coping with the daily stress the world tends to hand us on a regular basis.  In the creation of Luckey Bee, and the products we sell, I have reignited my fire to create, and have felt myself reconnect with the creative girl I left behind.  I also experience the joy I felt when I was young of someone enjoying something I have made for them.


The bees have also lead my family to the life of small farm living.  This happened by complete accident.  When we moved we were most concerned about space for our bees.  We really hadn’t imagined sharing our lives with so many sweet animals.  Sometimes Ernie and I will sip our coffee in the morning, as we watch our funny goats jump on the trampoline, and laugh at how we got here.  It was not intentional.  Every decision we have made for our bees have lead us to the life we never knew we wanted. Luckey Bee and the sale of the products are helping our family live this dream, and helping us make a better future for our bees.


The products have also allowed for me to really rely on the talents of others.  I am always in awe of the talent my co-worker Michelle possesses.  She in so humble, and unassuming, but she packs a lot of organized creativity in her little body.  She has helped take ideas to the next level, and she has her stamp of awesomeness on every product.   With the product where we want it to be, Stacy has organized the troops, given us great feedback  and starts her art of promotion and social media that we need to get this party started.  I can always look to both of these women and count on them, and know they are a part of this crazy journey.


When you are purchasing a lip balm or soap, you are buying so much more.  You are helping us here at Luckey Bee to provide a game changing, sustainable solution for the bees.  They desperately need the sanctuary, the safety and the extra helping hand.  We appreciate all the support, and know we are headed in the right direction!  Thank you for the support from the bottom of my heart.


Click on the link below to start shopping!

Luckey Bee Store

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