Luckey Girl

Luckey Girl


We have had a whirlwind of a year here at Luckey Bee Farms.  It was about a year ago that my husband and I decided to follow the bees on this new adventure.  I had no idea how deeply it would change our lives, our children, and our path.  We found ourselves on a county island, in the middle of the city with a little under two acres.  We all fell in love with the space, and opportunities the new adventure offered.

No one loves the new adventure more than our youngest.  She loves the space, the friendly neighbors, and most of all the two horses next door.  We decided to find lessons for her to learn to properly learn to care for a horse.  The moment she was on a horse, our girl became a cowgirl.  She was instantly smitten.

Over the next couple months she became more and more enchanted with horses, and I fully realized the extent of her passion.  We had kept our eyes out for a possible horse, but were uncertain about what to expect.  One day, a sweet old horse was posted on Facebook, and the next thing I know our neighbor and I were headed out to take a look.

This old horse had been saved from the desert where she had been abandoned.  This ranch had had her over a year, but she was still terribly underweight and not bouncing back the way she should.  We could see that there was so much more to her, and that she was meant to come back to live with us on the farm.

The moment our daughter laid eyes on her, she was madly in love.  Our sweet old horse has thrived under the love of our child.  She has gained weight, has a glossy coat, and quite the fun personality.  When it was time to name her, our daughter felt there was no better name than Luckey Girl.

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