Luckey Bee Hive Removal in Gilbert – Part 2

PART 2  of the hive removal.  Here you can see Ernie carrying one of the sheets of hive to the table.  LOOK at the honey dripping from the top.

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When we relocate the bees we put them into a hive box.  The hive box has these frames (usually 10 to a box).  Normally the bees would just build onto the frames.  But since they already had such wonderful comb and put so much hard work into it, we saved it.  Here you can see Ernie is cutting it to fit into the frame.  And then using the rubber bands to help hold it into place.  697 698

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In this picture on the left there is capped honey.

It seemed like this hive went on and on and on… Ernie kept walking out with more comb.

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Just amazing!!!  While inspecting the comb we got to witness this little gal coming out of her cell.  Tried to get a video, maybe next time.719723

Check out how many bees make up this colony.  You can see on the right where Ernie is cutting the hive off the shelf.

Usually there is some honey at the top of the comb, so when Ernie was cutting it off, there was lines of honey running down from the shelf.  These girls were drinking up all their hard work.

Look at the honey ball these two girls at the bottom right had going.

Again… I am sorry there are so many pictures, but it was just so fascinating.

So, Part III coming soon.

If you missed Part I here is the link.


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