Luckey Bee Hive Removal in Gilbert – Part 1

One of Luckey Bee’s neighbors said they had some bees in their shed.  So we headed over thinking it was a swarm of bees.  In the back of the shed there was a bench covered with a green tarp and peeking out were some bees. 640 641

The yellow arrow is where the bees were.  We had lots of helpers on this removal!  Thanks S & J

We were all surprised when the tarp was pulled back to see this amazing hive!  667

At the first sign of danger the queen usually runs and hides.  After smoking them they all followed her to the back corner of the shed.  673 This was the underside of the bench – THAT’s a LOT of bees!675 676


Bees are amazing to me, all the work they do and how they do it.  This hive is just like a piece of priceless art.

HiveRelocation_0022 HiveRelocation_0040

Ernie and his helpers started cutting down the comb one section at a time.  Here you can see healthy brood comb.  Brood comb is where the queen lays eggs.  The capped cells are worker bees in their metamorphosis stage.  The white worm like looking ones are the larvae.HiveRelocation_0042

HiveRelocation_0049Bees have different jobs in the colony, these bees are most likely nurse bees.  They are there to clean out the cells, care for the eggs, larvae, and new bees hatching.


I get a little snap happy when we are on removals, so there is a part two to this removal.  Check it out soon!


Beekeeping and Rescuing bees is so much fun!

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