Gene Gatten’s Honey Farm – Part II


Part II of Gene Gatten’s Honey Farm


Check out these girls, busy at work tending to the brood.

Gene is trimming of the burr comb on this frame.



Do you see the queen?  The queen has a blue dot on her back.


Amazing hives!

This frame is full of nectar!!!!  So pretty!!!GHBees_0357 GHBees_0337

These girls have been so busy!  GHBees_0299 GHBees_0291

The covered cells that are higher then the comb, drone cells.
GHBees_0282 GHBees_0270 GHBees_0260

GHBees_0239 GHBees_0225

This frame is full of capped honey.GHBees_0219 GHBees_0216 GHBees_0203 GHBees_0190

Queen cell – removing from the frame.GHBees_0143 GHBees_0170 GHBees_0174

Can you spy the queen from this hive?  This queen has a white dot.  She is amazing!

GHBees_0225 GHBees_0239

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