Gene Gatten’s Honey Farm

Gene Gatten’s Honey Farm


Ernie went to Gatten’s Honey Farm out in Maricopa, AZ.  Gene was doing hive inspections and requeening for the day, so Ernie the Bee Man went out to help.


Gene has a great working area with tons of Bee Hive/Keeping supplies everywhere.
GHBees_0003 GHBees_0004

Frames filled with old comb, waiting for a new home.
GHBees_0005 GHBees_0008

Meet Gene, he and Ernie were talking Bees and anything Bee related.GHBees_0011 GHBees_0013

WOW!!!  Look at how many hives they have.  Do you see the blocks on top of the hives?  Gene has a complex system to tell him what is going on with each hive.


Each hive also has a colored rock, either or a green or a red rock.GHBees_0024 GHBees_0032

These girls are amazing!  Do you see the different colors of the bees.  The lighter ones are so fuzzy!GHBees_0036 GHBees_0051

Here is Gene getting the smoker.GHBees_0053 GHBees_0061 GHBees_0073

First hive smoked and cracking it open.  Ready, set, INSPECT….GHBees_0077 GHBees_0087

Wow!!  That frame is full of healthy bees!GHBees_0090 GHBees_0111

Here is some of the brood comb.  Brood comb is where the queen lays the eggs.  If you look closely at the next couple pictures you can see some of the cells have a white looking substance, that is the larva.  GHBees_0114 GHBees_0114crop

It is usually very difficult to see,but you can see the single egg in the cells on the upper right side of the photo.GHBees_0118 GHBees_0130

Here is a frame that has been built up by the girls and they are filling it with nectar.

Here Gene is taking out some of the burr comb.

More pictures coming soon. Check out Part II of Gene Gatten’s Honey Farm

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