Newest Members of the Farm

Luckey Bee Goats


After spending time with our new neighbors and friends I became very enchanted with their dairy goats.  They were so sweet and funny!  I always have thought of goats as ornery and mischievous.  The more time I spent with our friends, the more I love their goats and the delicious milk.


We decided that we would love to add some goats to our little growing farm.  My friend had found a great fit for me, and we were off to Surprise to visit Victory Joy Farms and some very sweet baby goats.


When I laid eyes on my sweet Lily and her triplets I was quite smitten.  They are so beautiful, and so sweet.  We decided that they were ready to move on home with me to Luckey Bee Farms.  Jenn and I piled in her SUV with 6 goats and a rooster and traveled home to begin our life as dairy goat farmers.


These sweet babies are supplemented with a bottle three times a day and it has been a great source of delight for our entire family.  They are so sweet and so fun.  We enjoy hours just watching them run and play and bounce.


These are our sweet babies, Momma Lily, Daisy, Daffodil, and Clover.

Lucky Bee farms Lily Lucky Bee farms Clover Lucky Bee Farms Momma and Baby Lucky Bee Farms DaisyLucky Bee farms

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