Pinterest Pin Friday – More Honey Dippers

Who would have thought there would be so many different types of Honey Dippers, but oh my there are.  Check out these…



What an elegant silver honey dipper.  Love the handle, it looks so delicate.  Here is the link



Love that it is made from bamboo.  And it is from one of the many places I love to shop TJ MAXX



Crazy Playful Kitchens, the natural wood color and then the honey dipper in a bright color, so playful.  Check out the Crazy Playful Kitchens.



Thinking of doing party favors or just need 100 honey dippers? Check out this Etsy site



These brilliant honey dippers are from BrookFarmGeneralStore here



So innovative… I love that the lid is more than just a lid.  It holds the honey dipper.  Just great.  Here on Etsy.


Again I am amazed at all the different honey dippers, might have to do another post about honey dippers, there are just too many!

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