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Sometimes in the day to day work of our business we are lucky enough to stop and celebrate a bit.  Our company is very small, and very small.  I am fortunate enough to spend my days with some very amazing, and very talented people.  That makes the burden easier to carry and a whole heck of a lot more fun too.

This past week was my birthday.  I was happy to spend my morning with our entire team for a meeting.  As I was looking around I realized how lucky I am to work with people I truly care for and love, I am also so fortunate to work with others who care fiercely about our mission at Luckey Bee.  We are building something bigger than ourselves, and something we hope to be part of us after we are gone.  I find a lot of purpose in what I do, and the people around me do as well.

We commemorated the event with tattoos.  Stacy and I chose matching ones with the Luckey Bee logo.  I joke that the only thing I feel is permanent in my life that I would forever put it on my body is my children.  I see this business as something permanent and important enough to forever seal on my body. It is a way for all of us here at Luckey Bee Farms to do our small part to bring a permanent solution to the bee crisis, and that is something to celebrate.

Luckey Bee Tattoo_0035

Making final decisions on the Luckey Bee Tattoo

Luckey Bee Tattoo - Take a look

Luckey Bee Tattoo_Ready set go! Luckey Bee Tattoo_Aah look the logo on the screen Luckey Bee Tattoo_Stacy's Lucky Bee tattoo Luckey Bee Tattoo Luckey Bee Tattoo_Christina getting a tattoo Luckey Bee Tattoo_Amy Luckey Bee Tattoo Luckey Bee Tattoo_Here we go Luckey Bee Tattoo_and done!

Christina's tattoo Luckey Bee Birthday Lunch


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