Luckey Bee Seed Bomb Craft

Luckey Bee Seed Bomb Craft

While searching about bees on pinterest I ran across this DIY on Seed Bombs.  So we set out to make our own seed bombs for our particular area.  The supplies we found at the local store were air dry clay, wildflower seeds, and some potting soil.  Apparently the seeds I purchased already had some soil mixed in so after the first couple tries we did without the potting soil.

Luckey Bee Seed Bomb Luckey Bee Seed Bomb

Basically mix them altogether and then roll out balls and let them dry.  It was like being a kid back in school playing with play dough.  Fun – Messy – FunLuckey Bee Seed Bomb Luckey bee Seed Bomb

Let the Seed Bombs dry over night.  Then you can throw them anywhere you think some wildflowers would look nice.  Bonus to having beautiful wildflowers is that it helps OUR BEES!!!  Double Bonus!

Luckey Bee Seed Bomb

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