Luckey Bee Stamping Silver Spoon Craft

Luckey Bee Silver Spoon

Today we set out to do some stamping on silver spoons.  As like many DIY projects, we looked at Pinterest and got some ideas on what to do.  We started with some old Silver spoons.  A hard surface (used the concrete outside with a towel over the top, so as not to scratch the silver and a heavy hammer.  I must say, it was a lot of fun hammering the spoon to get it flat.

Luckey Bee Stamping Silver Spoon Luckey Bee Stamping Silver Spoon

Once it was flat, we decided what message to stamp into the silver spoon.Luckey Bee Stamping Silver Bee Luckey Bee Stamping Silver Spoon

We thought it only fitting for our Silver Spoon to be stamped with “Bee Garden”   Check out what else we did with our stamped silver spoon coming up in another post!Luckey Bee Silver Spoon

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