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Salmon with Honey 


My mother in law gave me this recipe about a decade ago.  We have made some adjustments to it but it is still yummy and my kiddos love it (huge bonus).

Luckey Bee_honeysalmon0001

My daughter helped mix, honey, ginger, dijon, salt, pepper and a little water.  Then we just pour it over the salmon.  And pop it on the grill.
Luckey Bee_Honeysalmon
Luckey Bee_Honey Salmon
Luckey Bee_HOney Salmon

About 12 to 15 minutes on the grill and it is done.  Yummy, love the flavor.
Luckey Bee_0013 Luckey Bee_Honey Salmon Luckey Bee_Honey Salmon

Here is the recipe close up.  We don’t have Vermouth on hand so we skip it and put some water.  Go try your own Salmon with Honey!Luckey Bee_Honey Salmon

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