Bee Bath in Gilbert, AZ

Luckey Bee – Bee Bath Project

Bees are amazing creatures, but they need a couple things to be amazing.  They need food, shelter, and water (hey, just like us!).  Water for them is tricky, they need a place to land with shallow fresh water.

First we went on a hunt for supplies.  We ended up at Goodwill and found some great items, marbles/stones, a platter where the sides go up a little and a vase.
Luckey Bee Bath

Here is a better view of the platter, the sides just come up a little.  Luckey Bee Bath

Of course you can use almost anything to make a bee bath, this is just what I found.  Luckey Bee Bath

We started by turning the base upside down and putting some adhesive on the top to hold the platter in place.Luckey Bee Bath Luckey Bee Bath

After the adhesive was dry, loaded it up with our marbles and put amount of water in.  Just enough so that the bees can rest on some of the marbles and take a drink.  Luckey Bee Bath

Stay tuned more projects on how to help the bees coming soon!

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