Pinterest Pin Friday – Beehive and Beekeeping

Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge and a time sucker (I know that did not sound good), but I get on Pinterest and think I will look something up really quick. An hour goes by and I am not even looking up what I originally wanted.  Luckily, it is so much fun and I love all the great pictures!  So this week I went on a mission to find some good Beehive and Beekeeping pins. Here is what I found.



Everything to get started keeping bees.  Brushy Mountain Bee Farm has it all Link



Did you know you need to find a proper spot for your beehive!  This is a great article on proper beehive placement. Link



Love these colorful beehives! Wonder if the bees that live in them are always happy and smiling Link



Look at these majestic hives, so cool.  Link

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