Bee Hive Relocation

Bee Hive Relocation

Why would I choose relocation over extermination?

When you are faced with an angry bee hive on your property, you need to work fast to rid your space of the bees.  The bees in Arizona are Africanized, and should be considered dangerous to your family or pets.  When disturbed or threatened the bees will react, and they will sting and pursue relentlessly to protect their queen.

We recommend that you contact a professional to remove the bees, so that everyone on your property, or near it can remain safe.  You do have a choice in how you remove the bees.  Most companies solve this problem only with extermination.  This is the quickest and easiest way to deal with a hive of bees.

Another method that is equally as efficient is to relocate the bees.  This process involves a professional coming to your property, and collecting the bees into a container for transportation, cleaning the hive of all honey, and beeswax..  This is a much more labor intensive alternative, but generally will cost around the same amount as extermination.

Luckey Bee will take the bees, and hive from your home, and leave you safe from the harm of angry bees.  The bees will leave your property to be relocated and continue to contribute to our ecosystem..  The honey and wax collected from the clean out of your property will be processed and sold into products we can sell to help support the care of the bees.  This solution provides value, safety, and a great solution for everyone.

Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation from Michelle White on Vimeo.

Luckey Bee Video of Bee Hive Relocation. Ernie the Bee Man getting the hive ready for removal.

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