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Luckey Bee - Bee Mine T-shirt

Updatde- our winner today was over on Instagram! We had so much fun with our giveaways last month that we decided to keep it going!  Only not 21 in one month…. that was crazy!  Anyway, for this giveaway we thought we would hold it on ALL our social media channels at the same time!  I know, we’re nuts!  Sooooo, comment on the blog, retweet on Twitter, comment and tag friends on Instagram, comment on Facebook and share everywhere!!  We will choose a winner Monday night 2/8/16 at 10pm MST.  Good luck and have fun!  We love our fans! (US only)

2 thoughts on “Giveaway At Luckey Bee

  1. Avatar Felecia german says:

    Thanks for the beautiful chance! I try me best to save the bees! They even come out to get the sugar from my bags of pop cans outside when it’s winter & on a warm day!

  2. Avatar Melissa Adkins says:

    Thank you for the chance!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Entering internet wide ❤️

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