Field Trip to Mesa Farmer’s Market


Mesa Farmer’s Market


We ventured out into Arizona’s winter weather (hahaha) to visit Mesa Farmer’s Market.  I hadn’t spent much time in downtown Mesa in awhile and was amazed all the wonderful sights.


In front of the Light Rail there was this cool structure.  All the different profiles against the blue sky was very amazing.
MesaFarmersMarket_0005web MesaFarmersMarket_0015web MesaFarmersMarket_0017web

As I walked down Main Street there was tons of cool art work, it is hard to see in this picture but the bird has a road map of Mesa.


How cool is this colorful recycled art work.  They were all over the downtown Main Street.
MesaFarmersMarket_0025web MesaFarmersMarket_0026web

MesaFarmersMarket_0028web MesaFarmersMarket_0029web

A beautiful mural for Downtown Mesa.


So we finally made our way to the Mesa Farmer’s Market.  The first booth we stumbled on was The Herb Lady.  She shares not only her seeds but knowledge of gardening.  We collected a few seeds and hope our gardens will be as prosperous as hers.  MesaFarmersMarket_0043web MesaFarmersMarket_0044web

All the fruit and vegetables looked so yummy and fresh!MesaFarmersMarket_0047web MesaFarmersMarket_0049web

We enjoyed our trip to Mesa Farmer’s Market, if you are in the area go check it out!  Here is the website.

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