Why is there an E in Luckey Bee?



Why is there an E in Luckey Bee??

When my husband and I began the journey of Luckey Bee, we were filled with so much excitement and energy for our venture.  Our business is an extension of us, our family, and our future.  When creating and nurturing a business, it really became our new baby.   As with our actual children, the name became so important.  It is a reflection of us, our compromises, and dreams.  We went over what seemed to be a 1,000 names and could not quite connect with one that fit.  One day my husband came home and announced he had the name of our business.  Luckey Bee!!  In that moment I realized that is what our business is about.

My maternal grandparents’ last name is Luckey.  I spent most of my childhood with them and on their land.  They had acres and acres overlooking Pikes peak in Conifer, Colorado.  I spent my time there riding horses, picking wildflowers, and watching the hummingbirds on my grandma’s front porch.  I feel deep love and longing as I think of that land.  It is where I discovered my love of animals, how to bake, and a deep connection to nature.  When I leave this earth I would want my ashes to combine with the earth from that land, as a way to return home.

Most of all, I feel a deep connection to my grandma.  She is my person.  She always had time to listen to me, to love me, to just be with me.  With her, I have always felt understood and grounded.  She has suffered more in her life than anyone I know, and has seen real struggle.  Yet, she has always remained loving and kind. In the face of trial, she could see what good could come from it.  She chooses to see what is good in people, even when they couldn’t.  When things have been against her, she always chooses to move forward out of love.  This is what we want the legacy of Luckey Bee to become.

The focus of Luckey Bee is to solve problems with love in mind.  The bee crisis is serious and overwhelming, and seems defeating at times.  We can change the big picture, with small and consistent  changes.  We can be  the good in this bad situation and become part of the overall solution.  This is what we want for Luckey Bee.  What a wonderful, perfect choice for our name!!

This is a picture of my grandma shortly before her 95th birthday.  We had this sign made for her for a Christmas gift.  She is deeply touched that our business and vision will carry her name.  It is a small drop in the bucket of the love she has poured into all who have had the pleasure of knowing her..


Grandma Luckey - Luckey Bee

3 thoughts on “Why is there an E in Luckey Bee?

  1. Avatar Christina Bailey says:

    I admire your dream, vision and commitment to your family and business. Even more, I adore your love for your beautiful, loving and sweet Grandma. What a beautiful name for a business! I know it will thrive and grow, just like your love for your family, Grandma and nature.

  2. Avatar Jennifer D'Oliveira says:

    What a lovely legacy you and Erie are leaving for the family. I remember that wonderful home in Conifer fondly too. So glad you guys are doing this!

  3. Avatar Elizabeth Toone says:

    Loved the article and you too!

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